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Fall Punch!

My go to drink is alwayssss red wine.  No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing...until about three weeks ago.  Tyler decided to introduce me to Hotty Toddys...these things are AMAZING!!  I was addicted to the sweetness of the apple cider and the lovely feeling bourbon gives you as it slides down your throat.  I knew I wanted to recreate this delicious concoction to make something that was portable and did not need to stay warm.  That is were this unbelievable fall punch was born!  Delicious and bubbly champagne, smooth bourbon, slightly sweet apple cider, and a few other key components make for a fantastic fall treat on a cold night, or during a warm(ish) day!

( Please excuse my picture as it was taken at a tailgate without great lighting and back drop!)


1 bottle of Champagne( or prosecco if you like that more!)

1 small 6 oz bottle of apple cider

1 cup of cranberry juice( you can juice your own if you do not want the added sugar of buying from a grocery store)

1/4 cup of bourbon ( taste and then add more if needed:))

half of a red apple sliced

half of a green apple sliced

half of an orange sliced

2 tablespoons of dried cranberries


1,  Mix together the ingredients in a beautiful pitcher and refrigerate for at least 2 hours to help the flavors merry.

2. right before serving add your fresh fruit for both decoration and added flavor. (Do not add the fruit before as the bourbon will soak into the fresh fruit)

3. Serve in big mugs or beautiful flutes, sip, and enjoy!


Cranberry Moscow Mules