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Weekly Meal Planning and Prep Made Easy


Are you the person who makes the declaration each week that they are going to plan out their meals this week, not over spend on food they don't actually eat, and stick to a budget?  If you are...join my club!  Each week I always tell myself that I am actually going to take the time to sit down make and organize a grocery list, plan out my dinners during the week night, and actually GO to the grocery store! Now most times, I make a somewhat list of what I need, I end of going to the grocery store on a Tuesday and then we end up going back two more times during the week for items that we forgot.

When I began my new path of eating cleaner, more mindfully, and using no grain, dairy, and processed sugars, I knew that I had to make a better effort in my preparation.  Tyler and I know make plans.  We sit down on Sunday mornings and we create a list with categories:





We also make the effort to sit and plan our actual meals.  This is were the arguing used to take place.  We do not normally gravitate towards to same foods.  We now make the effort to make sure that both of our foods that we like are incorporated into the weeks meals. 

Our goal is to make breakfast, lunch and dinners Sunday through-Thursday (Sometimes Friday if it sounds super yummy!)  Normally we then treat ourselves to dinner out on Friday night as "date" night/"reward" night for sticking to our plans!

Once our meals are planned, we then take the time to decide what we want for snacks and breakfast each day.  Our lunches are always leftovers as we always make too much food for two people in one sitting.

Then it is off to the grocery store....this is the stressful part!  So many people, its always a disaster, you can never find parking, and pushing your cart through the aisles is a painful process.

In order to tackle our grocery store anxiety we made another plan.  We go before 10 a.m. ( I know we are the odd couple who gets up at 7:00a.m. most mornings no matter the day) and we try to time ourselves.  Our goal each week is to be in and out in under 20 minutes.  With our handy list, which we split in half so each person has their items to retrieve, we can normal make this happen!

After our expenditure we like to go home and meal PREP!

Most of my friends will say " How and why do you do this every Sunday" "Don't you get tired of what you eat"  My answer to them is always "NO".   I make sure that my meals have variety in everyway.  My snacks my seem repetitive but that is due to choice, not lack of ideas.

So..once we get home we make sure to cut up all of produce for the week, make any snacks we may need, and pre-bag anything for lunches that we might want to nibble on.  Then throughout the week all we do is grab and go!

I know, I know...you are all thinking "This is complicated, no thanks" or "Who has TIME for this".  Well friends, this whole process takes less than 2 hours, and it is a fun "date" activity for you and your significant other.

Many people have asked for a rough look at our weekly meals.  Below you will find a list of our dinner meals for your pursuing purposes, click on the link to get the recipes!

Monday: Spicy baked chicken, cauliflower mash, and garlicky kale chips

Tuesday: Shrimp Coconut Curry Soup *Tyler will eat brown rice with his!

Wednesday: Egg roll in a bowl with Danielle Walkers Wraps!

Thursday: busy night for us so we are doing salads with chicken that can be made ahead of time!

Friday: Sweet Potato pasta with roasted tomato sauce and turkey pesto meatballs!

Tailgating dishes for everyone!

Fa La La La Fall!