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How to Survive Traveling Days

I have had a few people ask me to write a post about preparing and planning for days that you are traveling so here it is! A small disclaimer, I am not allergic to dairy or gluten I just have an intolerance and have found that these things are triggers for my intestinal system.  If you have a true allergy remember to ALWAYS check labels and the certified stamp on menus!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel quite a bit with in my lifetime so far.  I LOVE to travel; visiting new places, learning from their culture, meeting new people, exploring history.  It is always so exciting when thinking about the upcoming trip that you will be taking, and I know that I am a sucker for the build up to going to the airport, shuffling through the tons of people, preparing myself for the fun times ahead, and boarding that plane for take off.  However, what does not excite me is the lack of food opportunities that I have when arriving at the airport.  Some of my worst attacks have been at airports from a lack of reading labels, poor preparation, or such hunger that I decide to indulge in the triggering foods.

As I have been going through this journey of my good sensitivities and trying to revamp my way of eating and looking at food, I knew that I also needed to revamp the way I looked at traveling.  It is hard enough to make good food decisions when at the airport, let alone making a good decision for someone who is avoiding gluten, processed sugar, and dairy!  Although I do not think I have mastered the skill of traveling and staying with in my "diet" I do think that I have found some good tips and tricks to share with you for your next upcoming adventure!

Here are my personal successes and tips for a wonderful traveling experience...

1. Always be prepared with your own foods.  TSA allows solid (non liquid) foods to go through security...take advantage of this!!! I always have a large Ziploc bag that I pack with the following:

- nuts( you might not always get to eat these though as airlines are now making nut free flights!)

-dried fruit( apples for me!)

- somersaults( delicious sunflower seed chips)

- an actual apple or banana( I always need a real piece of fruit)

- In extreme cases such as early flights I pack my power pancakes

- turkey or chicken jerky( some of you may fly during eating hours, pack a filling protein!)

2. Always eat a big, filling meal before going to the airport.  This will allow you to stay full and not worry about snacking too much!

3. Before your trip take a look at your airports website.  You will sometimes be blessed with knowing your gate or terminal ahead of time and will be able to scout out the restaurants and kiosks available to you.  This will help you to determine what you need to pack and what you can buy there.

4. This is a tip that I sometimes forget myself!  Always remember to pack a snack bag for the ride there and back.  Inevitably I always think I pack enough snacks for myself, forgetting that my travel partners will be wanting my goodies too!  You can never have too many snacks so through something extra in there if you know you will be hungry or are traveling with a partner.

I hope these tips and tricks to a successful day for traveling help you to enjoy your time with loved ones, and not worry so much about the origin of your next meal!  Please share your own stories, ideas, and tips for traveling below!



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