My name is Jessica and I am a teacher, wife to my amazing husband Tyler, self taught chef, and experimental baker! 

My site is geared towards making your home a healthy, happy, and inviting place to be.  I focus my cooking and baking on using whole, unprocessed ingredients that will look and taste scrumptious!  

I have been an avid experimenter for as long as I can remember.  I was the child who made the potions on a rainy day in her family's kitchen.  I was the girl who took all of the cooking classes and then retried my creations for my family members.  Now I am the adult who enjoys staying in on a Friday night and crafting recipes for my husband and I. 

My love for this unprocessed way of eating came about after many years of struggling with an undiagnosed digestive issue.  What I put into my mouth plays a huge role into how my stomach reacts.  For many years I chose to suffer through, eat the delicious ice cream and fried foods, and then deal with the consequences later.  Once I left college I promised myself that I would take a new approach to my eating and revamp the foods that I consumed.  This is how my current lifestyle came to be.

Now, many people think this means that you have to eat "bland" and "lackluster" foods.  This is what this site was created for, to share my creations, and to enlighten those who are hesitant about eating whole and unprocessed, into seeing what an easy and yummy transition it can be!